March 02, 2022
Brief 1: Carl Heaton KC on Opening Addresses

In the first of these 'Brief' episodes, we select the highlights from previous interviews. Carl Heaton KC shares his thoughts on opening addresses.

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This brief is taken from episode 5. Click here to listen to the full interview with Carl Heaton KC.

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Carl Heaton KC

Carl Heaton KC was appointed as the Director of Public Prosecutions of Queensland, Australia in June 2020, having been called to the bar in 1990 and taken silk in 2010. He has been employed in various roles by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions between 1989 and 2007. He also spent nine years as the Deputy Public Defender, including 10 months as the Public Defender prior to being appointed as the Deputy DPP in 2016. He has great experience and expertise in matters across the full spectrum of the criminal justice system.