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Having a week long commute to appear in a criminal Trial, I devoured this pod. Practical, insightful, engaging. It's a brilliant resource to sharpen the mind and draw the focus back to the art of what good advocates do. Persuade. Thank you to all the contributors for their time and willingness to share their inner thoughts on many matters, including how they work. It's invaluable to step outside our silos and hear how others perform and prepare. I'll be no doubt repeat listening to many.


One of the best podcast ever.

5 stars

I like the episode featuring Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher it was fascinating

Practical solidarity from colleagues

Definitely a good listen and practical advice from someone who has been there! Not just ticking a CPD box but good for that as well.

A great resource for those practising and interested in advocacy

This podcast has been exceptionally well thought out and put together - from selecting the very generous (and humble) interviewees to the key questions to develop practice points and the many additional and helpful resources referred to in the discussion.

Never stop learning

Fantastic resource to learn from a good variety of experiences lawyers about teh art of advocacy and conducting a matter. Doesn’t matter which areas if the law out are interested in, the underlying themes are similar. Super-recommended.

A must listen to

Without question this is a podcast that every aspiring and experienced advocate should listen to.

Advocacy Podcast

Excellent program Love the way the questions are put to bring out the techniques employed by the guest speakers. The guest speakers chosen are truly luminaries in their field and I love the conversational style in which they impart their experiences and knowledge

An incredible resource

I am devouring this first series as it’s released - it is everything I need to feel empowered, energised and excited about getting back into advocacy in 2021. I learn so much every episode and have loved every minute so far. Thank you!