April 06, 2022
Brief 6: Ian Robertson SC on Preparing to Question Experts

In this 'Brief' episode, we have selected highlights from previous interviews. Ian Robertson SC sets out the initial steps he takes when preparing to question an expert witness.


This brief is taken from episode 7. Click here to listen to the full interview with Ian Robertson SC

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Ian Robertson SC

Ian Robertson SC was admitted to practice in 1986 and appointed silk, or Senior Counsel, in 2008, having previously practiced as a solicitor for eight years. Practising from Jeffcott Chambers in Adelaide, Australia, Ian focuses primarily on commercial litigation.

Ian describes himself as a generalist, trial and appellate Commercial barrister with a special interest in intellectual property, both litigious and non-litigious. That being said, his practice is diverse, stopping only at matters of personal criminal law. He practices in all Courts in Adelaide and in the federal courts of Australia, including the Family Court and the High Court of Australia.

Ian was President of the South Australian Bar Association (SABA) between 2016 and 2018. He has also acted as the Chair of the Australian Bar Association’s Advocacy Training Council, and a director of the Australian Advocacy Institute. Ian is a regular teacher of advocacy for the SABA, ABA and the Australian Advocacy Institute, offering coaching both in Australia and overseas.