May 11, 2022
Brief 11: Rex Parris on Metaphors

Rex Parris is an expert on metaphors who has been able to use them successfully as trial strategy for decades. He shares his knowledge about metaphor usage in this 'Brief' episode.

In these 'Brief' episodes, we select highlights from previous interviews. This Brief is taken from episode 8

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Rex Parris

Rex Parris has over 40 years experience and a reputation as a highly innovative trial lawyer based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Rex founded his law firm PARRIS in 1985, focusing on personal injury litigation, whilst also having served as mayor of Lancaster, California since 2008.

In 2009, Rex was the lead attorney in a defamation action against Guess Inc. co-founder Georges Marciano that resulted in an historic jury verdict in Los Angeles for $370,000,000. Most recently PARRIS Law Firm filed a class action against Apple Inc. in relation to MacBook Pro display defects.

Rex has been at the forefront of exploring innovative techniques for improving trial advocacy, particularly in relation to jury trials. Among these, he utilises cognitive science and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in order to improve courtroom interactions, as well as facial micro-expression software to determine which emotional elements are most amiable to specific parts of cases.