March 10, 2021
10. Justin Kahn: The Art of Visual Persuasion

In this episode, Justin Kahn discusses how to use visual tools to prepare your case and to communicate complex ideas in simple, impactful ways. He recommends useful apps and technology that can be utilised and explains how neuroscience and magic have combined to influence his approach to effective persuasion.

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  • What’s the difference between a law student and a lawyer?
  • Roger Dodd, Larry Pozner, and neuroscience.
  • An introduction to multimedia learning and the principles of cognitive load.
  • Presentation Zen: Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?
  • Visual Tools: Easy as P.I.E.
  • What can trial lawyers learn from magicians?
  • When and how to think about visual images for your case.
  • Preparation: Thinking to the end, managing bad facts.
  • Using graphics: Some of Justin’s examples and guiding principles.
  • Justin’s preferred tools for visual preparation and presentation.

Books mentioned:

Cross Examination, Science and TechniquesRoger Dodd & Larry Pozner
Multimedia Learning, Richard E. Mayer
Learning and InstructionRichard E. Mayer
The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learningedited by Richard E. Mayer
Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds
Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, Nancy Duarte
The Books of Wonder, Tommy Wonder
Infographics Designers’ Sketchbooks, Steven Heller and Rick Landers



Justin Kahn

Justin Kahn, admitted to the Bar in South Carolina in 1992, specialises in catastrophic personal injury matters and various kinds of complex litigation. Justin has been involved with cases across the United States, gaining admission to the Second, Third and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the US Supreme Court among courts and tribunals.

For over 20 years, Justin has written the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure Annotated and the South Carolina Rules of Evidence. Further to this, Justin is an adjunct professor at the Charleston School of Law where he teaches civil pre-trial practice, and writes and speaks nationally on topics including procedure, evidence and persuasion.